Face Swap

Get access to a one-click online face swapper that lets you swap faces in any photo or video you like. With cutting-edge AI technology, you can swap faces effortlessly in any type of photo and transform yourself into anyone you desire who looks funnier and more realistic.

Base Image

Upload your base image you want to act as the model.

Target Image

Upload your base image you want to act as the model.

Free and easy-to-use

Change the face without limits and make it funnier with a free face swapper launched by Pics Enhancer.

AI-powered face-swapping

Our AI models go beyond conventional methods to automatically recognize faces from target images and swap them into base images.

Instant and seamless results

There is no need for technical expertise or waiting in line; dive in quickly and get the result in seconds; no tutorials are required.

Make funny face swap memes

Instantly create funny memes and viral content for social media with our exclusive face swap feature.

get professional result like a pro

Use AI face swap to spark your creativity

Go beyond the limits and spark your creativity to get ready for some laughs! Swap any face onto any photo or video you want in seconds with just one click. When you upload the desired face and target image in the given field, From accurately identifying faces to blending the new face seamlessly into the main photo or video, our face-swapping AI technology will handle everything to provide outstanding results. Meet reality; it ain’t just changing the face but also matching the facial expressions to maintain the real vibe and give the 100% accurate result you deserve. Give it a try!

Turn yourself into the celebrity of your dreams

Have you ever imagined you could be a famous person or the celebrity you loved the most? Now it’s time to turn your imagination into reality. Put your face on any celebrity and see how you look in famous movie scenes, singing, dancing, and acting. Whether you want to transfer your face onto your friends, anime, art, cartoons, or anything you imagine, Pics Enhancer’s face swapper makes it easy to unleash your inner superhero. Additionally, this tool is user-friendly and works on automation that lets you swap genders to experience different versions of yourself and makes it more entertaining to watch.

enhance product images
enhance product images

Add fun to group photos with multi-face swapping

Try to play with your group selfies and create unforgettable memories. Simply upload one group photo here, select the faces you want to replace, and witness the magic happen in seconds. With our multi-face swapping, you can swap more than five faces in one step and bring more joy to your photos. If you want to gift something hilarious to your family group or friend zone that makes them laugh loudly and even creates priceless memories, replacing faces of each other through artificial intelligence would be the perfect gift for them. We have built an algorithm and tested it on thousands of users worldwide, ensuring hassle-free results every time.

Swap faces in video with ease

With our advanced AI technology, face swapping in videos is faster and easier than ever before. Upload your high-quality video, wait a few seconds, and let AI swap realistic faces in a personalized video. Get more views on reels, shorts, and YouTube videos by posting face-swapping videos.

Increase the resolution of portraits
HD photo maker for every work.png

Face changer for all cases

Spread smiles around you and create fun that never ends. Take advantage of the chance to put your friends in shock and captivate a larger audience with an online AI face swap.

  • Social media: High-quality deepfake content buzzes on social media across Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Don’t run behind the trends as a digital creator; use this feature to create viral content to increase your meme posts' engagement and boost followers.
  • One face, more looks : Have you ever dreamed of being the princess of Disneyland? Make it happen here. Just upload one image of your face and the favorite character you want to be; our model takes only a few seconds to bring your imagination to life. We offer many popular face swap presets to create personalized avatars and profile pictures.
  • Business : Don’t miss any deals just because of your bad profile picture. Pics Enhancer offers an exclusive and professional face swap solution. Reface faces on professional photos to generate flawless headshots and portraits that attract viewers.

How to swap faces online?

  • 01

    Step 1: Select base and target images.

    Upload the base photo with a clear face and then
    the target photo with the face looking straight,
    which you want to swap into your base photo.

  • 02

    Step 2: Swap faces instantly with AI.
    with AI Enhancement.

    Click on the “Swap Face Now” button after uploading both images.
    The AI will efficiently swap the face from your base image with
    the face from your target image, ensuring no face shaking,
    high resolution, and faster results.

  • 03

    Step 3: Download and share.

    Wait a few seconds. Voila! You are ready to download the
    result on your device and share the result with anyone and anywhere.


Upload your image.

Upload blurry and oversaturated photos from your device.
All file formats, such as JPEG, JPG, and PNG, are supported.


Make Photo High Definition with AI Enhancement.

Our HD image converter will increase image resolution instantly with superior quality using AI and improve the viewing experience.


Download the HD Image.

If you are satisfied with results, simply download the newly enhanced high-quality images. Share them with others or continue editing to give your photos a fresh look using our powerful photo enhancer.

Transform Images into High-Definition

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